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The Source |New Biden Campaign Ads Highlight the Impact of COVID-19 Mismanagement on Black Businesses

Itsrosegold_Admin | September 24, 2020

While Joe Biden was on hand in North Carolina hosting the Black Economic Summit, the campaign released two new ads sharing the testimony of Black small business owners.

One of the business owners is Celeste Beatty who details the impact of COVID-19 on her revenue due to the Trump administration’s policies on handling the virus.

“From day one we lost 70% of our sales, just like that,” Beatty said. “The policy set by the current administration is very, very confusing. I applied for the loans and just didn’t get it. I saw very huge companies who are customers of mine get millions of dollars, meanwhile, I’m just doing what I can to survive.”

A second ad features Anthony Jefferson of Pittsburgh, PA who feels that he and his business are unseen by President Trump.

“To be not able to work for three months I lose eight employees,” Jefferson said. “Trump does not see me. I don’t understand how he can look himself in the eye.”

The new ads highlight a Biden-Harris plan that will provide $150 billion in capital and opportunities to minority-owned small businesses and others that have not been considered in funding for generations. 

You can see both ads below.

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