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6ix9ine Forces Random People to Take His Album

Itsrosegold_Admin | September 13, 2020

6ix9ine has resorted to desperate measures to get his album sales up. After selling only 55k copies in its first week, the self-glorified snitch recorded himself forcing random people to take his album.

The rapper said in his IG post: “One way or another ima force ya to listen to this! Since ya ain’t want to buy it.”

6ix9ine looks like an early 2000’s rapper the way he is passing out physical blank copies of his album to people on the street. Some of the people in the video recognize him and ask to take a picture. One man can be seen declining one of 6ix9ine’s copies.

TattleTales performed much lower than projected. was projected to sell 150k but only sold 55k in its first week. 6ix9ine has said in recent interviews that he blackballed by the industry and was targeted by recent changes made by Billboard that disqualify bundles from being counted as album sales.

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