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The Source |Kodak Black Says Prison Won’t Let Him See A Rabbi

Itsrosegold_Admin | September 6, 2020

It seems the bigger headline should be that Kodak Black is converting to Judaism.

According to TMZ, the Florida rapper claims that the prison won’t let him see his rabbi in order to practice his faith.

Kodak’s attorney, Bradford Cohen, told TMZ that he is planning to sue the prison if Kodak is not able to meet with a rabbi soon. Kodak has been requesting to see a rabbi for months, and they have gone unanswered. Cohen says that he will sue for violation of Kodak’s first amendment right to practice his religion if his request is not heard.

As for Kodak’s recent conversion, Cohen said that Kodak has not officially converted but identifies with the religion. However, not being able to meet with a rabbi stalls any hope Kodak has of converting.

COVID-19 seems to be a factor in the prison not accepting Kodak’s requests. The chaplain at Kodak’s Kentucky Facility said that in-person meetings have been halted because of the virus. The chaplain also stated that over the phone meetings should not be an issue.

As of why Kodak is so insistent on converting, he believes it will better his mental health. Kodak feels as if God has a plan for him and he wants to talk about it with a religious leader.

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