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LeBron James ‘Turned Off’ Younger Players, Owners in Meeting

Itsrosegold_Admin | August 30, 2020

LeBron James isn’t just the best player in the NBA, he is one of the most vocal voices in the league.

While James can be very vocal at times, it appears not everyone wants to hear him all the time.

According to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, some younger players were bothered by how LeBron spoke to them during Wednesday’s meeting before he abruptly left.

“The younger generation of players were not having what they were hearing from LeBron James because of the fashion in which he spoke to them,” Smith said. “When he stormed out, I was told it was, in part, because of that. He sort of came off like, ‘I got mine, I don’t need this,’ and walked out.”

On Thursday morning Smith says LeBron “turned everybody off” when he gave a long-winded speech at the end of a meeting that everyone thought was in the books.

“When everybody thought the meeting was over, LeBron James grabs the mic and, from what I’m told, talks for about 15 minutes,” Smith said. “He’s talking for about 15 minutes in a fashion that turned everybody off because they had already agreed to what they were going to do moving forward. He was talking about ‘the guys beneath me — I have to look out for the guys beneath me.’ … He came across as if he was the king with some crown.”

James is an elder in a league full of twenty something-year-olds. As the players are trying to make a united front, you can’t afford the league’s best player to look down on the next generation of superstars.

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