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Trump Connected Republican Operatives Pushing For Kanye West Votes

Itsrosegold_Admin | August 7, 2020

A new report reveals that Republican insiders are pushing for Kanye West to make the ballots in battleground states in an effort to divide democratic votes. The New York Times report pinpoints certain Trump affiliates who have worked with the rapper in his third party effort for office.

The New York Times reports that Trump Campaign lawyer Lane Ruhland delivered ballot signatures in the battleground state of Wisconsin on behalf of Kanye’s campaign. Ruhland has not commented on the matter.

Since announcing his candidacy, Kanye West has been viewed as a divisive voting option amongst democratic voters. West’s presence on the ballot would more than likely hurt Biden in the opinion of many. West has gone after Biden in interviews and tweets and despite withdrawing support of the current president, West has avoided going after Trump.

Republican operatives have advocated on behalf of Trump in Arkansas, Vermont, Colorado, West Virginia and the battleground state of Ohio. Kanye’s late effort to run for the highest office limited his ability to make it on the ballot in several states making it nearly impossible for him to actually win.

However, Kanye can be a spoiler for Biden if he pulls enough democratic votes in must win states like Ohio and Wisconsin where Trump affiliates have advocated for the “Follow God” performer.

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