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The Source |[WATCH] Cardi B Tells Why She Endorses Presidential Hopeful Joe Biden

Itsrosegold_Admin | August 7, 2020

After dropping the viral visual “WAP” with rap sensation Megan Thee Stallion, reality TV star turned living legend Cardi B took to SiriusXM Radio to talk about her current political involvement and her public support from democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Speaking about former democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders withdrawing from the race saying, “You know what, I was so f–king mad because it’s like people, when he dropped, people was like ‘oh what do you mean?’ Why? Because of y’all! Because you know how this new generation is. We be loving something but we just be lazy to do it, it’s like motherf**kers was just lazy to vote for him.”

Cardi also mentioned her intent to sit down with the former VP in the same manner she did with Bernie Sanders in order to garner the democratic nominee more support before the upcoming election.

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