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Pop Smoke’s Manager Talks About the Possibility of a Dior Collaboration

Itsrosegold_Admin | July 26, 2020

Following the release of Pop Smoke’s critically acclaimed posthumous albums, manager Steven Victor recently sat down with Women’s Wear Daily to talk about the albums and what Victor and his team are trying to accomplish to cement the late rapper’s legacy.

Victor started to talk about conversations he had with Pop Smoke about him venturing more into the fashion industry.

“I would take it in stride super early on and thought let’s focus on the music first and once you’re stable as an artist then let’s dabble,” he said. “He would always talk about fashion. I thought he was just saying it because it was cool for rappers to say. Then over the months I realized he did have his own sense of style.”

Pop wanting to venture into fashion should be of no surprise. After all, he did have a 2019 hit named “Dior.” According to Victor, the hit song could one day lead to a collaboration with the fashion house. Victor revealed he is set to meet Dior’s Kim Jones to talk about a collaboration.

“You can’t say that Pop didn’t have some sort of influence on Dior, especially in the urban community,” Victor said. “I’m going to see [Dior men’s artistic director Kim Jones] and talk to him about that on some level. Maybe next year for Pop’s birthday.”

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