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Suspect Detained and Released in Mass Shooting Investigation Of Southside Chicago Funeral

Itsrosegold_Admin | July 24, 2020

Now, some things don’t make sense. Like police being on duty but not stopping a mass shooting at a funeral. Maybe because “Black Lives” don’t quite “matter” yet in Chicago. Well, at least in the eyes of leadership. 

David Brown, Chicago Police Superintendent, said in a statement his department “had two squad cars and a full tactical team guarding a funeral Tuesday evening in Auburn-Gresham, but it wasn’t enough to prevent 15 people from being shot in a gun battle that officials said was the escalation of an ongoing gang conflict.” 

The tragic mass shooting happened Tuesday outside of a funeral home in the 1000 block of West 79th Street. A shooting that left 15 people wounded, including 10 women and five men. 

In yet another “statement”, Chief of Detectives Brendan Deenihan said one victim was in “extremely critical condition” and another was in critical condition, with the rest of the wounded expected to recover.

This was an all out “shoot out” in a residential neighborhood with children and elderly present to lay someone to rest. According to reports, shooting started at about 6:30 pm Tuesday when a stolen black Chevrolet Malibu drove past the funeral and two people inside started shooting. According to witness statements, members of the funeral party returned fire. In total, 60 shots were fired, according to police. The Malibu crashed during the shootout and the people inside fled.

As of now, one “person of interest” that was in custody for questioning was released Wednesday afternoon, according to police Officer Anthony Spicuzza, who did not say why the individual was let go and would only say that the investigation was ongoing.

Sadly, this is the narrative in Chicago. Which is why citizens are becoming more and more desensitized to terroristic like behavior. There is more to come from this story. We will update as more details are made available. 

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