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Rev. Jesse Jackson Calls for Investigation of Possible Lynchings and White Supremacist as Police in New Column

Itsrosegold_Admin | June 25, 2020

Civil Rights leader Reverend Jesse Jackson is speaking out against the rash of police brutality that has sparked across the country and possible lynching in a recent guest column in The Chicago Sun-Times.

“’I can’t breathe,’ pled George Floyd in Minneapolis and Eric Garner in New York City and Javier Ambler in Austin, Texas, before police killed them.

Amid the protests against brutality, Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta, whom police found asleep in his car, was shot twice in the back and killed.

In Austin, Justin Howell lies in critical condition in the hospital, shot during a protest by a policeman using a “less-lethal weapon.” His mistake? He stood next to the demonstrator the policeman was shooting at.”

Rev. Jackson would also speak toward the Black men that are being found across the country that are found hung and dead, but ruled as suicides.

“And now, two young African American men, Robert Fuller and Malcolm Harsch, are found dead, hanging by their necks 50 miles from one another in California. Although the police initially dismissed the cases as suicide, they are now under investigation after a public outcry.”

“In the midst of a national uprising on racial justice, the possible lynching of two black men should not be swept under the carpet.”

Jackson would also call for accountability of the police to not employ white supremacist, while also raising the responsibility and standards of the police shield.

“For African Americans, poverty should not be a prison and skin color should not be a cage. White supremacists disguised as police officers should not use us as target practice. So-called “qualified immunity” must not shield killers from the law. Those with a shield and a badge must be held to the highest standards.”

You can read the full column here.

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