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The Source |[WATCH] Classic Father’s Day Hip Hop Songs

Itsrosegold_Admin | June 22, 2020

A father and child relationship can bring so much joy to both individuals and that connection will affect both for life. Whether you grew up with your father or not, the relationship you share with your paternal donor can influence your decisions and outlook. Hip hop has had several heart-tugging songs that detail these relationships. Everyone from Will Smith to Shaquille O’ Neal poured their heart on track about their fathers—or lack of. Ed Og And Da Bulldog’s 1991 classic ‘Be A Father To Your Child’ was an ode to absentee dads and jewels on how to fix those situations.

A father/daughter relationship is just as important because a girl’s father is the first male love of her life setting a precedence on how she should be treated. Growing up my dad wasn’t around and I still feel the effect from his absence. ‘Daddy issues’ tend to pop up as you go through adolescence and adulthood sometimes forcing you to look for love in the wrong places. It’s important to note the men that are hands on with raising their children. Men who duties with the child’s mom are valued and appreciated and most don’t want applause. If you have a strained relationship with your parent, it’s never too late to mend and turn things around for the better.

Check out our top hip hop songs dedicated to the fathers of the world.

Happy Father’s Day!


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