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Yung Miami Shares Her Frustrations Regarding Protest Concerns

Itsrosegold_Admin | June 3, 2020

Since the beginning of the global protesting, following the death of Geroge Floyd. Celebrities have had mixed emotions on the state of America. Most celebrities have been doing their part in trying to support the Black Lives Matter movement, and other celebrities have addressed their concerns regarding the rioting and looting. Reality personality, Shekinah Jo received a lot of backlash after a teary-eyed rant on Instagram, concerning the looting of Gucci stores and other Atlanta businesses. Fans were concerned that Jo cared more about the major corporations rather than the countless amounts of Black lives lost to police brutality.

“Y’all done been in them folks’ store taking they sh-t. Them people got a family. That sh-t not right. They ain’t did nothing to you. Gucci ain’t did sh-t to y’all,” she said full of tears. “Y’all can say whatever y’all want to say. They racist, I don’t wanna hear none of that sh-t. They ain’t did sh-t to y’all. Saks ain’t did nothing to you. They ain’t did nothing to you. Lenox Mall ain’t did nothing to you.”

Following her cringy rant, Tory Lanez took to his Twitter account to express his thoughts after seeing the reality personality’s tearful rant. “WITH ALL THE THINGS GOING ON …. IM SEEING THIS LADY CRYING OVER THE GUCCI STORE BEING BROKEN INTO ?!!?? THE FUCKING GUCCI STORE SHORTY ??!?!??”

Tory and Shekinah went on instagram live to further discuss her concerns and come to a mutual understanding.

City Girls rap star, Yung Miami has seemed to join in on the conversation on her social media, after sharing her frustrations with people being more concerned about looting rather than the main issue at hand.

“Ppl laughing and taking this shit as a joke! Ppl so out of touch that it’s sad they don’t even give af about they own and always making excuses or trying to justify it. Ppl have a problem with ppl looting stores that don’t even want our money fr and follow us around the store as soon as we walk in and think you doing fraud when you paying with your credit card! STFU ITS BLACK LIVES!! That’s one of the biggest problems with black ppl we don’t know how to stick together as a whole it’s always somebody that’s gone say or do some dumb shit! This my last post I’m done!” she wrote on her Instagram.

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