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Teejayx6 Allegedly Escapes ATL Beatdown After His Attempt to Scam Lil Baby

Itsrosegold_Admin | May 28, 2020

Scammers are going to scam, but there’s a price to pay for it. Teejayx6 almost had to pay that price. The Detroit rapper was reportedly caught on camera running for his life at Lenox Mall in Atlanta. Apparently, a number of Lil Baby’s 4PF squad caught wind of Teejayx6 posting Lil Baby’s driver’s license in an attempt to catch a lick off the Quality Control rapper. How did the “Dark Web” rapper get a hold of the license? He’s a professional at what he does. 

Following the video’s circulation on social media, Teejayx6 hopped on IG live to address the situation. 

“Y’all see the black eye. Those n***as beat my ass. But, I don’t know, bro. I don’t know how I got to Detroit so fast, wasn’t that video today, bro?”

Based on his satirical demeanor in his live, he is insinuating that the video is all cap. He took to Instagram earlier today to settle it once and for all.

“Clearly not me bro y’all taking it to far,” captioned the Scam rapper.

One thing for certain is Teejayx6 won’t let this apparent mishap disrupt his lifestyle. 

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