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The Source |Alleged Kevin Gates Sex Tape Leaks on Twitter

Itsrosegold_Admin | May 17, 2020

Kevin Gates was trending on Twitter last night after cell phone video of him allegedly having sex leaked on the internet. The video appears to have been recorded by the “Two Phones” rapper who is seen holding the phone while having sex with the woman seen in the video.

Some Twitter users speculated that the woman in the video was not his wife, Dreka Gates, who he married in 2015. The Source has not confirmed who the woman is.

Kevin Gates has not yet responded to the leaked video, but the internet was having a lot of fun at the rapper’s expense. Twitter users who saw the 45 second clip deemed the Baton Rouge native’s performance to be lackluster.

Gates sex tape leak comes a few months after A$AP Rocky’s personal video was leaked online. Like Gates, Rocky was the butt of a few jokes on Twitter for not giving his full effort in the video. Rocky was able to laugh it off saying he has “a long line of satisfied women.”

Check out some of the Kevin Gates tweets below.

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