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Little About Me

Music is like any other language, mine is unique to me. You can hear both my west coast vibe from my flow to the way I pronounce things but I’ve been on the east coast for eight years now so you can hear that aggressive tone as well. What made me start was actually at Coachella ‘18. I witnessed some of the greatest performers in one single weekend but it was this feeling I got, like, it was an overwhelming but reassured feeling that I was in the right place. I mean I went from seeing Kendrick on stage, to the Flatbush Zombies and illenium, Cardi B and even Eminem and Beyoncè. My God I felt at that moment the same rush I get when I’m on stage now. Thousands of people coming to support a craft, an art but not just any art, YOUR art. That’s why I started really. I said, “Imma go back to Atlanta and create some music.” I released my first single three months later and here I am today. Just progressing and exploring who I am through music. This side of me gives me life. It’s a paintbrush. Let me create my art and I’ll come back with something different every time and each time I’ve been impressed with myself.”



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